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SAMU 2021

About Us

iVoting is a universal voting platform designed to be a lasting global solution to all voting modes - including surveys and opinion polls, to achieve free, fair, credible, convenient & secure voting. This coupled with its ease of use brings convenience to the voter to their doorstep. The system is designed for everyone regardless of location, race, class and network coverage.

To innovate, design and develop state of the art, global intelligent voting systems that adapts to any and all voting environments and can be accessed by everyone on the globe.

Peace in Technology – we intend to make free, fair, credible and secure elections a reality through the use of technology as a tool for peace.

SAMU 2020

iVoting Founder and CEO Kelvin Roman
Founder's Message

Our right to elect our leaders and trust them to execute their vision for us is the most soverign democratic right we have as citizen. This right should be upheld with integrity - free of coercion. At iVoting, through the use of these technologies and without fear or favor, we promise to see this democratic right upheld in its sancitiy - your voice will be heard
~ Kelvin Roman - Founder & CEO