Get to know more about iVoting

iVoting© or intelligent voting is the first ever self-replicating, adaptive voting system in the world designed to be a lasting global solution to all voting modes - including surveys and opinion polls, to achieve free, fair, credible, convenient & secure voting. This coupled with its ease of use brings convenience to the voter to their doorstep. The system is designed for everyone regardless of location, race, class and network coverage.

Peace in Technology – we intend to make free, fair, credible and secure elections a reality through the use of technology as a tool for peace.

To innovate, design and develop state of the art, global intelligent voting systems that adapts to any and all voting environments and can be accessed by everyone on the globe.

The iVoting World Choice Initiative - is to consolidate the world's choice through iVoting by providing a secure, credible platform to everyone, anywhere and at anytime through any voting mode, survey, opinion poll et cetera

  • To promote the culture of peace in, around and after elections
  • To decentralize polling stations - make voting accessible to anyone, anywhere and at anytime
  • To provide safe and secure environments for voting, carrying our surveys and opinion polls
  • Output comprehensive, accurate results regardless of the mode of voting

These are the broad categories of topic classification i.e. Private and Public.

  • Private
  • These constitute the environments that are only accessible to certain people. They include but are not limited to board votes, school polls, electoral polls and any other vote or poll that requires specific people to participate in. They are created by the Environment Administrator who in turn sends invitation links to the potential participants who create User accounts and participate in the poll.

  • Public
  • These constitute environments that are after public opinion or popularity. They inlude but are not limited to fashion show polls, surveys, opinion polls and any other vote or poll that requires public input. These environments can be found here and they each constitute one user one vote.

In each environment, the administrator is required to add candidates i.e. the people and/or things to be voted for. The system does the rest and automatically analyses the data in that environment. The Environment Administrator has access to this data.

Environment Restrictions

  • Administrator
  • The Environment Administrator is by default banned from taking part in his/her private environment poll as he/she is deemed as a neutral party by iVoting

  • Use of vulgar language, candidates or environments
  • Use of vulgar language or candidates who revolve in the world of pornography will lead to automatic blocking of the administrator