Frequently Asked Questions

These are the iVoting© cheatcodes

This is a self replicating voting system that allows you - the user, to create and manage voting environments securely. Voting Environments are the topics or questions that you want others to take part in.
You can create an Environment Adminsistrator account from the Overview section in the home page, at the top of the page in the System link - select administrator then create an account.

Private Environments are created from the Environment Administrator Console and are for specific people who are invited to participate by the Environment Administrator.

Public Environments are also created from Environment Administrator Console and are accessible to everyone, everywhere. These are generally surveys, opinion polls or personal assessment topics for a product(s) etc. They can be accessed at the top of every page by clicking the Public links

In both environments, a user can only vote once per poll

A user does not have to create a new account everytime they are invited by different Environment Administrators to other Private Environment Polls. The user account comes bundles with a Multi Environment Reusability Feature. All the polls you've ever participated in will be visible from your console. You will only be able to vote ONCE and in the polls that have been activated

In the private environments, results are displayed from the administrator console

In public environments, results are displayed from the public page

All results in both environments are in REAL TIME

iVoting or intelligent voting is the future of voting globally. The self replicating system is made possible by the use of Artificial Intelligence. We aim to decentralize the voting activity where you can take part in the process from the confort of your living quarters. All this will be made possible together - Peace in Technology
The Environment Administrator is by default not allowed to participate in his/her private environment poll(s) but can participate in other private environment poll(s) that he/she has not created. This is because the Environment Administrator is deemed as a Neutral party by iVoting